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Hi there!

My name is Artem.

I'm software developer with mathematical background. I'm very competent in web development, database design and message queues.

I worked on several intelligent and data-centric web applications, and have experience in design and optimization of high-loaded systems.

In free time I make small contributions at Github, StackOverflow and hack on random stuff. I love to learn new languages, algorithms, databases and participate in programming contests. I also write to my own blog, when I have something to share with community.

I'm interested in:

• Web development, databases

• Machine learning and data analysis

• Algorithms, data structures

• Distributed systems design, highload systems

What I do


Python, Scala, JavaScript, Node.js, Go(golang)

Frameworks and libraries:
Django, Celery, AngularJS, Play, Akka, pandas, IPython, ExpressJS, Bootstrap, Flask, ZeroMQ, RequireJS

MongoDB, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, Redis, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Memcache, sqlite

Open source

I open source and everything about it. I have contributed to: Django REST framework, Celery, Russian translation of Passionate Programmer, github.com/jeffknupp/review and some other.

The World

I like to travel and regularly visit new places. Contact me on Facebook, I would be glad to hear about your country and share my experience about places where I've been.

I know English, Russian and Ukrainian very well, and now I'm learning Spanish and Thai.

I also help entrepreneurs in developing countries to start their own business via Kiva.org


Vidfluent – account-based sales and marketing platform centered around video.

Role: Fullstack developement

Stack: AngularJS, Firebase, Node.js, Django, Python, AWS.

Seventh Sense brings data science and advanced machine learning to the customer engagement process to help our users build better relationships and sell more with less effort.

Role: Back- and frontend development

Stack: Scala, AngularJS, Play, ElasticSearch

WiserHealth – Learn from other people’s experiences to make better health decisions.

Role: Backend development and database design

Stack: Python, Django, MongoDB, Openshift

Metabar – Constructor for browser toolbars and extensions.

Role: Backend development, database design, performance tuning, deployments

Stack: Python, Django, Flask, MongoDB, Celery, MySQL

BoatWatch – Web application for tracking land and water transport.

Role: Backend development, database design, deployments

Stack: Python, Django, MongoDB, PostgreSQL

Are you interested

Whether you have an interesting project or just want to say hi, feel free to shoot me a message.

Say Hi!