25 January 2015

Hey there! It’s been a while since I wrote the last post in this blog and I want to change that today.

First of all, I’m switching my language to English and really-really to make it more helpful to larger audience. English is an international language, which is recognized all across the globe. I was using it a lot this year and I feel much more confident with it.

Secondly, I should say sorry for such a large gap. This blog seemed to be dead for a long time. Partly, because I couldn’t decide what topics I should cover in my posts and partly because I switched from my lovely Python to Node.js, AngularJS and Scala this year, and I just don’t feel very proficient with them.

I also didn’t announce some events which happend with me this year, like Impossible list, where I was trying to set some ambitious goals for myself. Since my last post I lived in Kiev and Tbilisi, and now I’m going to move back to Thailand. Basically, I’m planning to live in Bangkok for at least one year. I’m going to start learning Thai language and participate in local meetups. It looks like Bangkok has a large community of meetupers and growing entrepreneurship culture. All those things are very attractive for me.

In next weeks I’m going to pick several interesting topics and write about them. That is it for today!

P.S. I would be really thankful if you correct my mistakes. Even though I’ve wrote English a lot, I’m still doing silly mistakes.

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